'Topor's Advanced Skill Application

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'Topor's Advanced Skill Application

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**Note I have made the text a little bit smaller so not to flood your screen with massive walls of text**

Dallas' ASA

Basic Information >

Steam Name: Dallas

Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:47674759

Time with Myrder-Gaming: 17th of September

OOC Skill Etiquette (We're looking for specific stinger words here. BE SPECIFIC!):

Advanced hand-to-hand combat techniques (Aggressive Combat RP), expert handling skills with axes  (Aggressive Combat RP) and basic survival skills. (Passive RP)

These advantages in combat will mean that Topor can easily beat less-trained inviduals in melee combat- but would struggle against equally trained and these skills would be useless at range (assuming Topor isn't close enough to throw the axe into the target but even then, kevlar could take it or it could bounce off on the handle). These skills are not an excuse to powergame.

The survival skills are merely to live off of what the Metro provides and live out in the tunnels, I won't be invunerable to radiation, nor the elements of the cold, obviously.

Character Information >

Character name: 'Topor'

Skill Acquisition Backstory (Two Para):

Alone he waited, listening, watching his captors through the bars of his cell; an iron cage designed to hold animals, welded together to form Topor's prison. The cold air savaged his skin, raising his hairs as he watched silently, the men by the fire joking and laughing; trading stories of glory and passion. Topor wasn't concerned with that. Topor only wanted out. These bandits had captured him as he had made his circuit through the Hanseatic ring. The slavers had bound him, stripped him of his weapons and bullets and taken him back to their camp, during the capture Topor had bashed in one of the team's head in with a rock- they had beaten him hard for that, they were about to take a hand off too but decided Topor would be more valuable in one piece. Topor knew what was next- slavery and a life of servitude, no doubt to the Hanseatic leadership, that was the way they operated as Topor had always heard. Every child knew the saying "The Hansa love bullets more than their wives" and they were right. The slavers that held Topor were only three in number, yet it was clear that they were only part of a larger force in the circle. The men around the fire shot back glances sometimes and exchanged hushed whispers about how much "the mute" or more commonly, "the freak" would go for at auction.

Over the last few days of captivity, the caravan holding Topor had been on the move, heading somewhere but Topor was hooded and unable to trace the route due to the constant yanking of his chain, tugging him along the tracks, his feet ached every step but he waited and endured, knowing he would have his time soon. Until then he marched the endless walk, over the hard steel of the tracks, the icy chilled air kissing his lashed back and boring into his open scars like an infection. It was only a matter of enduring.

"What the fuck happened to his eye?" Asked one of the captors one night -a bald, aged male with years of experience heavy on his eyes- to his slaver friend -younger man, green as summer grass by the looks of anxious dread he had been giving Topor since he'd killed his brother.
"I don't know," Said the boy as he checked his AK rounds and slotted them into the ancient weapon. "He's not said a fucking word since we captured him, he must be crazy."

Topor wasn't crazy.

"Fuck this." The older man said, rising to his feet. "I say we get him to talk, scream for your brother." The old man pulled a long wooden axe from his bag and nodded the boy to head over to the cage. The boy hesistated at first before moving over and opening the latch, the rope that bound Topor was weak, damp-eaten and poorly-knotted, even still he waited.
"Alright you freak." The boy said, raising his AK to the man's head. "What's your name, uh?" Topor stared up at the man, silent, his neck ached with the movement, the scarring was irrated by the rope that held it to the wall of the cage.
"Step aside, comrade." The older man said, stepping into the cage and lowering himself infront of the prisoner, his axe raised.

"The boss wants you to be brought back to the others... but there's a lot of wanderers on the tracks from here to Polis, friend. And I bet those one will at least be able to talk." The man spat at him, hitting Topor in the face, he flinched away and then looked back to see the old man raise his weapon and bring it down. Launching forwards, Topor seized the man's axe, ripping free from his constraints he wrestled it free from the man with relitive ease, taking them by suprise. The look of horror on the man's face was burned into Topor's memeory as he brought the axe down into his neck, tearing it from his juggular, Topor thrashed at the boy- whose gun had jammed, it's brittle parts not reliable. The boy's scream as his leg was severed at the knee, then the sigh of metal on his chest was enough to wake the leader; a tall man dressed in leather with a formidable beard, he carried with him a bronze sickle. The leader scrambled upwards, looking around for his pistol, Topor charged him, axe raised, the leader's right hand found the gun and clicked back the safety.


The axe Topor had thrown had sank into the man's thigh, he reeled over wailing in pain. The man ran over to his captor, kicking the gun away and removing the axe from the man's leg before bringing it down on his head once, then again, then again, and again. Warm blood leapt from the oozing head of the slaver, spraying Topor's rags and face with crimson. Straightening his back up and glancing at the map, Topor knew the metro well, he could see where they were on the map- and now he knew just where to go.

During his time in the Metro tunnels, Topor has learned how to survive off a diet of rats and boiled surface meltwater, as a result of this diet he suffers bouts of radiation poisening but he endures as always. Topor was able to make it Exhibition after months of foraging, evasion and hard living. He had hunted, trained and killed with axe and bout a replacement as soon as he could upon reaching civilisation, the dull blade was hardly formidable.

Detailed Description of Skill(One Para):
-Advanced Hand-To-Hand skills: The ability to hold his own in unarmed fights when stripped of weapons as well as combine his skill with his axe-wielding to make him an even more formidable opponent.

-Expert Axe Handling Skills: Topor's experience with an axe allows him to wield one with incredible efficiency, his moves can be combined with his H2H skill to make him a lethal combatant.

-Basic Survival Skills: Allows Topor to survive in the tunnels by himself with minimal supplies, catching his own food, prepping his own fires, collecting his own water and keeping warm all solo.


List of Skill Points (IE: Advanced Hand to Hand, Experienced Marksman):

-Advanced Hand to Hand
-Expert Axe Handling
-Basic Survival Skills


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Re: 'Topor's Advanced Skill Application

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Approved, Approved

Sorry for taking so long, this is a glorious application!


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